Chuango H4-LTE (WiFi & 4G) ‘Starter Kit’ Wireless DIY Smart Home Security Alarm

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This kit includes everything you need to protect a small-sized home, office, warehouse or retail store - including the award-winning Chuango H4 LTE Security Hub with built-in WiFi and (optional) wireless 4G communication. Easy DIY installation - expand your system now or in the future.

Includes a free app for Apple or Android which can be shared with up to 10 family members, friends, or staff.

Note: This Product is Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home voice control, and Philips Hue 

Kit includes 1 x H4 LTE Security Hub, 1 x Wireless Motion Sensor, 2 x Wireless Door / Window sensors, and 2 x Keychain Remote Controls.

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