Chuango Remote Control (2 Pack)


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Chuango alarm system remote control

Keep one on your keyring, in the glove box or on your bedside table - anywhere you would like instant wireless control of your Chuango alarm system.

Convenience and peace of mind are packaged into a compact, lightweight remote control.


With an excellent wireless range, of up to 20 meters (even through walls), convenient and instant control of your alarm system is always at hand.

There is also a dedicated SOS button that will bring the system to life in case of an emergency

Arm - Away mode

Arm the security system in away mode - all sensors will be active. If you have set an exit delay, you will still have time to leave your home before the system arms itself.

Arm - Home mode

This button will instantly arm the security system in home mode - all sensors will be active except selected motion sensors so you can still move around your home.


Press the disarm button to instantly disarm the security system. If the alarm is sounding, pressing this button will also turn off all sirens

Panic alarm

Press the SOS button to instantly bring your alarm system to life, even if the system is disarmed. This can also trigger the system to call or send an SMS (up to five phone numbers).

The finer details

  • Wireless: Up to 30 meters (open space)
  • Wireless: Up to 20 meters (through walls)
  • Battery type: 1 x CR2025
  • Battery life: 3 years
        Name Chuango Remote Control (2 Pack)
        Brand Chuango
        Model RC-80
        Product Manual Chuango Remote Control (RC-80) Product Manual
        Warranty 24 Months (+ Free 12 month extended warranty)

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