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Three different sensors are crafted into TriSensor’s impossibly small finish. A motion sensor to monitor a room’s occupancy a temperature sensor to manage its environment and a light intensity sensor to manage light.

TriSensors motion sensor can distinguish between adults children and pets - up to 9.5m away. You can easily calibrate and adjust TriSensors sensitivity to make sure your automated Z-Wave scenes only react to the movements you want to detect.

TriSensor is Z-Wave’s only 3-in-1 sensor to offer the very best level of security S2. Making it perfect as a security and alarm sensor S2 means that TriSensor has anti-hacking features including AES-128 bit encryption and ECDH key exchange. TriSensor and S2 keep your home smart and secure. TriSensor’s Z-Wave Plus and S2 features also a 50 reduction in wireless power consumption versus older Z-Wave devices and a wireless range up to 67 greater.

TriSensor measures 3 essential pieces of data (motion, temperature, and light strength) that IoT systems depend on to automate a home intelligently.

What makes it special

Best-in-class motion detection

Utilizing newly developed PIR detection techniques, TriSensor offers a 40% greater motion detection range than other leading Z-Wave motion sensors, including MultiSensor 6, when tested in matching environments.

Pet-friendly settings

For homes with pets, be they small dogs or cats, TriSensor offers pet-friendly settings. Complementing best-in-class motion detection is a best-in-class sensitivity configuration with TriSensor’s PIR sensor’s sensitivity configurable on an 11-point scale.

Best-in-class security

TriSensor is the first Z-Wave multisensor with S2 integrated. S2 (Security 2) enhances the security of Z-Wave with next-generation anti-hacking features including AES-128 bit encryption and ECDH key exchange. This combination of multiple encryption layers makes TriSensor the perfect sensor for protecting the user’s data and their home’s security. 

Largest wireless performance

Built upon Z-Wave Plus, TriSensor has been certified to wirelessly communicate over a 150-meter / 492-foot distance in interference-free environments. Owing to its use of S2, TriSensor also offers a wireless speed that is up to 50% faster versus non-S2 multi-sensors.

  • 3-in-1 Z-Wave Plus MultiSensor motion temperature light lux.
  • Adjustable calibration. Craft your own smart home with 3 levels of sensitivity.
  • Up to 1-year battery life by 1 x CR123 battery included.
  • Super-small at 45 x 45 x 37 mm. Can be installed in a corner in-wall on a shelf or recessed in the ceiling with an optional Recessor accessory.
  • Works with certified Z-Wave gateways.
  • Z-Wave Plus certified and Z-Wave S2 certified for quicker response time better wireless range and additional wireless security encryption. Certification number ZC10-18056128.


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