Chuango IP116 Plus HD WiFi Camera (IP116PLUS)


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Chuango products enable any person with basic computer skills, to set up their own home security. This system requires no inter-connecting wiring, and is free of any expensive external monitoring companies. We supply a complete start-up kit with all necessary components, and many individual add-on sensors are available here at low cost.

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Crystal clear, HD, WiFi Camera for Your Smart Alarm System

The IP116 Plus is an all-new addition to the Chuango wireless smart home family. To set up the device, simply download the iOS or Android app from either store, or use the QR code on the back of the package, then follow the steps to add it to your App. The App allows you to see and hear what is going on in your property anywhere, any time. With its built-in HiFi microphone you and speaker, you get high-quality two-way audio communication and with an industrial-grade SONY image sensor you’re sure to get sharp video footage round the clock. Combined with the Chuango intrusion alarm system, you get to enjoy a smart and secure home or small office effortlessly and affordably.

Superb Video Quality in Any Lighting Condition

The IP116 Plus is armed with a high-calibre image sensor and a wide-angle 5-megapixel lens, which offers an unbeatable field of view and video quality, and renders clear visual confirmation and evidence even in super low-light conditions.

Crystal Clear View & Stunning Color Rendition
Unsurpassed Night Vision with Ambient Light Only
Super Low-Lux Performance even at Night

Communicate and Check On Loved Ones

With a 5-meter range, the highly sensitive, omnidirectional HiFi microphone comes with advanced noise reduction capability and sets another benchmark in two-way communication, allowing you to check in on your elderly family members, pets or children, or keep an eye on your house.

Receive Security Alerts with Motion Sensing

When used with a Chuango intrusion alarm system, the IP116 Plus will notify you through the Chuango App in the unfortunate event of a break-in, gas leak, fire or flood. You'll also be able to view the scene in real-time to decide upon the proper course of action to take. If any movement is detected, the IP116 Plus can record a video clip for you and will send a push notification and e-mail alerting you to the situation.

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