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Convenient wireless control

Place this small, wireless keypad anywhere you would like convenient control of the G5 security system (near the front door, or perhaps in the garage). This will also give you the option of hiding your G5 security console in a location that is not easily accessible by a would-be-intruder.

Wireless - Built-in RFID reader

Being completely wireless, you can place this keypad anywhere you would like convenient access control - such as near a front door.

Built-in RFID reader means you, your family or employees can easily disarm the system with a quick wave of a Chuango RFID tag.


Arm - Home or away mode

One touch to arm the G5 system, either in away or stay mode. If you have set an exit delay, you will still have time to leave your home before the G5 system arms itself.

Panic Button

Panic button

Press the SOS button to instantly bring the G5 to life, even if the system is disarmed. This can also trigger the G5 to call or send an SMS (up to five phone numbers).

Keypad - Disarm

Disarm - Keypad

Easily disarm the G5 security system with your four-digit pin code. Being completely wireless, you can place a keypad anywhere you would like convenient access control.

RFID - Disarm

Disarm - RFID Tag

Simply hold an RFID Tag up to the keypad and the G5 system will disarm. You can also choose to send an SMS notification advising which user has disarmed the system.

The finer details

  • Wireless: Up to 40 metres (open space)
  • Wireless: Up to 30 metres (through walls)
  • Battery type: 3 x AAA
  • Battery life: Up to 3 years
Name Chuango Wireless Keypad
Brand No
Model KP-700
Product Manual Chuango Wireless Keypad (KP-700) Product Manual
Warranty 24 Months (+ Free 12 month extended warranty)

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