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The Aeotec Door/Window Sensor 7 Pro is a Z-Wave Plus (700 Series) device for detecting if a door or window is opened or closed. Small, battery-powered (included), and easily attached to virtually anything that opens or closes around your home. Door Window Sensor 7 Pro also includes universal "dry contact" terminals allowing you to wire in other external sensors.

Featuring a universal binary input as one of its 3 sensors, Door / Window Sensor 7 Pro can be wired to the low voltage, dry contact output of 3rd party electronics. Once connected it can translate their status signals to Z-Wave, allowing your smart home system to become even more intelligent without having to replace your home’s existing electronics. Door / Window Sensor 7 Pro inexpensively takes automation and intelligence to a whole new level.

  • 3-in-1 Sensor: Open/close contact, tilt, and tamper sensors within 1 device.
  • Alerts up to 7 connected Z-Wave devices.
  • The spatial Intrusion Algorithm provides enhanced predictive security and automation.
  • 3-year battery life powered by a 1/2 AA battery.
  • Works with certified Z-Wave gateways.
  • Z-Wave Plus certified and Z-Wave S2 certified for quicker response time, better wireless range, and additional wireless security encryption


  • Aeotec's smallest, full-featured open/close sensor; 40% smaller than Door / Window Sensor Gen5. 
  • 2 sensors are built-in: open/close sensor and tilt sensor.
  • Additionally can be used connected 3rd party electronics to your Z-Wave system using the sensor's universal binary input / dry contact sensor.
  • Features SmartStart and S2 security technologies.
  • Powered by one 1/2 AA (ER14250), Door / Window Sensor 7 uses 66% less battery power to communicate via Z-Wave Plus than older models did. Offers up to 3-year battery life depending on the gateway it connects with.
  • Uses Z-Wave Plus with Gen7 and 700 series wireless technologies.


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