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Note: This product is compatible with Apple Homekit Google Home, and Alexa

Home Center Lite

Home Center Lite is a small gateway designed to manage the entire smart home system. As one of the smallest smart home hubs, it enables home automation programming through its simplified interface. Combine multiple native apps, use voice commands via Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, or Apple Siri or ask your smart home to do things through the Messenger app.

Home Center Lite's design process brought together a set of verified solutions to make its powerful performance even more tangible. Deliver home automation crafted to your needs with Home Center Lite by flawless integration with a broad range of home appliances and devices. Software extensions implemented to Home Center Lite guarantee an extensive library of drivers for smart TVs, IP cameras, and other 3rd party devices. Even though the Home Center Lite has a compact size, it allows you to manage your smart home using intuitive interfaces remotely or locally. How fun is that?

FIBARO Home Center Lite is the home automation controller, used to manage the FIBARO system. 


  • It is a compact version of Home Center 2.
  • Can communicate with up to 230 actors and sensors by a wireless protocol called Z-Wave.
  • Works with the graphic and user-friendly interface
  • Devices management
  • Plugins
  • Security
  • smart home automation
  • Scenes (which allows control of all of the devices and creation scenes.)
  • Cameras
  • Climate
  • Notifications
  • Multimedia

True experience via a smart home app

Set up, navigate, and manage your home automation with a smartphone or tablet. You do not need advanced programming skills to build automation scenarios. Use the visual automation builder and experience a truly smart home with our original smart home app. Take your house to a next level.


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