Fibaro RGBW Controller Gen 2


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FIBARO RGBW Controller 2 is a universal Z-Wave Plus compatible RGB/RGBW controller.

FIBARO RGBW Controller 2 uses a PWM output signal allowing it to control LED RGB RGBW strips halogen lights and other resistive loads. It can also measure active power and energy consumed by the load. Controlled devices may be powered by 12 or 24V DC.

Inputs support momentary/toggle switches and 0-10V analog sensors like temperature sensors humidity sensors light sensors etc.

RGBW Controller 2

Let the light transform your home

The magic of color

Deep inside his heart, everyone dreams about becoming a wizard. Thanks to RGBW, the dream may start to come true. Your wish is enough for the colors around you to start changing.

House in colors of your needs

RGBW Controller 2 is a plain, inconspicuous cube that allows you to adjust colors in your house the way you want them to be. Whenever you wish to create an atmosphere suitable for work, focus or relaxation, just run the application on your phone or use a voice command, and the light in the room will immediately adjust to your needs. Is there anything better than a sun-filled kitchen on a gloomy, autumn day?

  • Light tone control
  • Light intensity control
  • Power metering
  • 4 source of light control

A magic spell is enough

Sit back comfortably and close your eyes to unwind after an eventful day. Say: “Man cave!” And now open your eyes and enjoy rich colors all around you, which will bring the atmosphere of the urban jungle and boost your energy. Now, immerse in that world and do the things you love.

Many images of the same interior

As your moods and needs change, RGBW will make it possible for you to adjust the colors to them. Surround yourself with atmospheric twilight when you and your family start watching a gripping movie. Fill your bathroom with warm yellows and oranges to transform it into a house spa. Let cosmic blue into your children’s bathroom to make their every evening another space adventure.

The ideal temperature of light

It is daylight that we feel best and most natural in. Thanks to RGBW Controller 2 you may be able to regulate the temperature of light, thanks to which you will create a brighter and healthier environment for work and studying at home. The duties will not only become more pleasant but also more fruitful.

The spectacle of lights within a hand’s reach

You do not need much to fill the space around you with new colors. All that is necessary is the application on your phone to change the colors and lights like in a fairy tale house.

Pinch of temperament

Create your own favorite color combination to find yourself in the desired mood. Pick the colors that inspire, relax or motivate you. It’s your fairytale!

Nature-inspired atmosphere

Sometimes you may just not feel like adjusting the colors yourself or simply have no time for it. Then RGBW will come in handy and offer a choice of ready light illuminations which mirror a stormy night, an evening around a campfire, or the performance of aurora borealis.

Your personal selection of colors

RGBW will also help you become an artist-wizard and create your own light patterns. Just choose the appropriate colors, set them in the right order, and play with the saturation and you will have exactly the world you have been dreaming about.

Calm at first sight

Of course, you want everyone in your home to be healthy and happy. Fortunately, you can trust your RGBW to take care of the safety of your kids who cannot conjure up perfect conditions to play or develop yet. So when you enter the bedroom of your Little Prince and see a green glow, you will know that everything is fine.

Warning colors

RGBW may cooperate with the FIBARO system, which protects the safety of your home. Should the security system detect any threat such as fire or burglary, new colors will appear on the walls of your house to warn you and your family.

Your house is like a masterpiece

Every evening is a beautiful, magical moment, and your little RGBW may even enhance its magic. The lights it controls can make the outside of the house look shine ice blue like a fairy tale castle.

Well-lit interior

Like a conductor before his orchestra, you can control as many as four sources of light in the room. Thanks to this your light, which you have been using at the kitchen worktop, will patiently follow you to the dinner table, where you sit and dine with your family.

Optimally lit house

RGBW will always let you know how much energy your house has used. It is a valuable tip that allows you to operate your lights so as to minimize energy expenses.


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