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Upgrading the old to the new is now easier with The Keyless Digital Deadlatch Upgrade Kit. Allowing you the ability to upgrade your mechanical Lockwood 001 or 002 or Whitco W75 series deadlatch, to a digital lock within minutes. Easily fit the lock by removing your external mechanical faceplate and replacing it with the Digital deadlatch.

By upgrading to the Digital Deadlatch allows users to access their home via PIN code without the need to carry their keys. Users can add up to 20 user PIN codes and 20 key tags/cards, allowing shared access to family members, cleaners or visitors. PIN Codes can also be time controlled for a period of up to 24hrs allowing visitors to access the lock within the given time.

The Yale Digital Deadlatch is powered by 4 x AA alkaline batteries notifying users once batteries are low. The lock also has a 9V power backup to ensure you never lose power.

Mechanical lockset is not included

Product Features

Keyless entry
Say goodbye to your keys, supplied with 1 card & 1 fob.

One Touch Control
Unlock your door with one simple tap.

Up to 20 Users
Use up to 20 PIN codes and 20 key tags/cards.

Easy to fit
Get your keyless door lock up and running in no time.

Tamper Alarm
Protected by an 80 dB internal alarm.

Enhanced Encrypted Security
Enhanced security to prevent unauthorised access.

Battery Powered
No wires, no hassle.
Easy to replace.

Battery Back-Up
Never lose power, the lock can be energized with a 9V battery.

Time Controlled User Codes
24 hour PIN codes for visitors.

Is My Lock Compatible?

The Keyless Digital Deadlatch is compatible with most 60mm Backset Deadlatches*. Upgrading to a digital lock is as easy as removing your external faceplate and replacing it with the new Yale Digital Deadlatch. Thus connecting the old with the new.</a>

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