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Architect or Designer? Partner With Us

Don't be left behind with the latest developments in home automation. Offer your clients leading solutions.


Differentiate Your Offering

Want to design a home that blows your clients away? Smart Home Technology instantly adds value to a home. Being able to offer Smart Technology allows you to go above and beyond for your clients, and proves your value as an architect.


Provide Upgrade Packages

Want to offer packages with better solutions. We can help you achieve that by offering good, better and best packages for smart homes. This will allow you to differentiate even more, both on quality and price-point.


Easy Entry Into the Growing Smart Home Market

The Smart Home Space has been consistently growing for many years, with no signs of slowing down. More people want their home to be Smart then ever before, and that is why we need you. We want to create long-term relationships with our Electrician's 

Smart Home Architect/Builder

Smart Home Automation can be a daunting and hard topic to learn alone. Partnering with YourSmartLife gives you the peace of mind that in any situation you are in, you can be confident in helping your clients achieve their very own Smart Life, and love you for helping them.

We offer support for our partners at all times, we are always ready to speak to you over the phone for any problems you may encounter.

We can help you grow! Offering Smart Home Automation will not only impress your clients, it will also entice them to tell others that you are the architect/builder who helped them create their own smart life. People love showing their smart equipment to others and to be the one who installed them means that you will be first in line to receive calls for their friends and families jobs.

We offer trade discounts to all of our partners for Smart products. This can increase your margins significantly and take your business to a whole new level.

Get Started with a Call or Email!

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