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Brighton House
In Progress

Full home automation of new build for family of four utilising Apple Home. 

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Brighton - Project Overview

Type of House: New architectural build in bayside Melbourne, property developers own home - currently at lock-up stage ready for plastering.

Smart Home Budget : Full automation including all light switches, multi-room audio, full automated blinds, garage door, gate, door locks, sensors, alarm system, CCTV, ceiling fans - $25-$30k

Who Lives Here: Professional couple in their 40's and their two children

Architect / Designer: CBD Creative Designs

What was important to the home owners: 

  • Security and Safety of the family and home eg: monitoring while away

  • Time saving and convenience eg: being able to switch off all lights, TV's, sound systems, climate control and arm the alarm at the touch of a button on the way our the door. Accessing the property via auto gates, garage door with single button or geofencing.

  • Saving on energy bills eg: automated blinds that block the western sun, climate control and lighting

  • Entertaining eg: multi-room including outdoor audio, home cinema, automated lighting scenes 

Fully automated luxury home without the over-sized budget of traditional fully wired systems, future proofed by the wide compatibility and on-going investment Apple Home brings

 Brighton Smart Home Features

Tailored to the automation solutions , these are 


Garage Door & Gate

Ability to control garage door and vehicle gate via voice, from phone or via automation



Full multi-room audio, music when and when you want it, ability to control TV's



Multiroom sensors keeping track of occupancy, temperature, lighting levels, air quality, humidity and automatically adjusting lighting, a/c etc.



Full control of lighting including dimming, scene control eg: leave home, dinner time, chill time


Climate Control

Full control of ducted air-conditioning, in-floor hydronic heating, ceiling fans and blinds to keep house comfortable & reduce bils

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Smart Locks

Front door automatically unlocks on approaching house, keypad for guest entry, ability to lock/unlock via automation eg: auto lock at 7pm



CCTV and Video Doorbell with facial recognition, smart alarm system that arms of leaving home

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Zoned watering system that knows the local climate, has access to weather forecasts and waters for you

Scene Automation

Scenes such a leaving home help reduce energy usage, save time and secure the house, automatically arming alarm, turning off lights and appliances.

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