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Auto Door & Gate Openers
Open Your Door, Your Way via Voice, Smart Switch, Mobile App, Keypad or Sensor

Smart Doorbell

Answer and See anyone at your front door, without moving.

Automatic Blinds & Curtains

Control your curtains and/or blinds from your devices, or set up a daily function to have them open/close at your desired time

Smart Lock

Unlock & Lock your door, remotely from your devices

Smart Safety

Be notified on your device when someone has entered your property

Voice Activated Functions

Pre-determine lighting scenes for anytime of the day, and turn off all the lights in your house from your device

Installation Included

Have all of your products installed into your home by one of our friendly installers, ready for you to use

Here at YourSmartLife, we appreciate the inherent value of assistive living services for people with disabilities, particularly when it comes to enhancing the accessibility and functionality of their homes. That's why we’re the trusted name in the supply and installation of a large range of assisted door opener options, all customised to accommodate your individual needs. We’ve got you covered for everything from automated home assistant door locks to garage door automation, wheelchair door installation and much more.

But our expertise doesn't just stop at doors. We integrate our solutions seamlessly into home automation systems, giving you the ability to operate any assisted door opener or assisted door closer through voice control, wireless buttons, and even your phone or tablet.

Enhance your independence and experience a life of ease with YourSmartLife. Discover the best door sensors for home assistant automation right here.

Types of Assistive Doors

It goes without saying that every home is different from the next, as are the individual requirements of each home occupant. It's for this fundamental reason that YourSmartLife provides an extensive variety of assistive door solutions that we can tailor to meet your unique needs. Whether those needs involve the installation of a wheelchair door for unimpeded entrance and exit, or the need to modify the bathroom door size for wheelchair access, rest assured that we’ll have a solution for you.

We can help you with:

  • Swing door systems: Our retrofittable swing door motors are designed for seamless integration with other assistive technologies, and provide a comprehensive solution to your home's accessibility needs.

  • Sliding Door Systems: Perfect for people who prefer a contemporary visual aesthetic or simply have restricted space in their home, our sliding door motors are also retrofittable and can be effortlessly incorporated into your existing home automation system.

Both our swing and sliding door systems offer the benefits of versatility and user-friendly, easy control, and are fully optimised to enhance your quality of life. Choose the one that best suits the layout of your home and meets your specific accessibility needs.

Integration with Home Automation Systems

One of the key features of assistive doors from YourSmartLife is their seamless integration into established, already installed home automation systems.

When it comes to assisted living, we know all too well that convenience is key. Whether you're already using home assistant garage door automation or an assisted door closer, you can be confident that our door systems will fit right in.

Control everything from home assistant door locks to a wheelchair automatic door opener using voice commands, wireless buttons, a tablet or a smartphone – the choice is yours.  You can also set up scene control to operate numerous assistive technologies at one time. You’ll be surprised at how easy it really is!

Special Wheelchair Door Features

When it comes to enhancing your life with assistive technology, at YourSmartLife, we believe that every little detail matters - no matter how big or small.

Our assisted door closers and wheelchair door systems are highly effective and boast a wealth of features that help make your day smoother. From the best door sensors for home assistant integrations to failsafe options that prevent restrictions in access in the event of a power failure, we offer a vast range of functionalities.

Whether it's the responsiveness of our door opening device for wheelchair users or the accuracy of our home assistant garage door sensor, you can rely on YourSmartLife to deliver on both reliability and innovation.

Assisted Door Solutions For More Independent Living

As an NDIS-approved supplier of smart home solutions, YourSmartLife specialises in the delivery of a range of assistive door options. From home assistant door locks to assisted door closer installation and everything in between, we can seamlessly integrate these solutions into new or established home automation systems, and can customise them to your individual needs.

Our services offer more than just simple convenience. They can enhance your quality of life, and make each day just that little bit easier, safer, and more enjoyable. So why wait? Your dream home is just a click or a call away with YourSmartLife. Get in touch with us today. 


We would love to help you create your own personalised package by calling (03) 9381 2104. 

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Keep Your Independence

A Smart Home will enhance all aspects of your life, and allow you more independence than ever before. 

- Control all parts of your home from your smartphone

- Create pre-set 'scenes' which you can summon with your voice, such as a 'nighttime' scene:

Simply say: "hey siri, nighttime" and

- all lights turn off

- TV turns off

- Doors lock

and whatever else you pre-set.


Security Cameras

Keep Your Family & Property Safe

Smart Security is one of the best investments anyone can make for their home.

The ability to

- Monitor your home from anywhere, at anytime with your smartphone

- Be notified when anyone steps onto your property

- Lower insurance premiums




We will guide you every step of the way. From understanding how your life can benefit from home automation to the final installed product ready to use



All of our installers are licensed by Victoria Police, ensuring you and your family are kept safe.

 (Reg 982-439-80S)  

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Every YourSmartLife review is 5 stars! We are sure to leave you satisfied. Find out why today. 

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