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Excited Over Modern Technology

Smart Home Automation Technology
We design and implement assistive home automation solutions to help you live more independently

Smart Doorbell

Answer and See anyone at your front door, without moving.

Automatic Blinds & Curtains

Control your curtains and/or blinds from your devices, or set up a daily function to have them open/close at your desired time

Smart Lock

Unlock & Lock your door, remotely from your devices

Smart Safety

Be notified on your device when someone has entered your property

Voice Activated Functions

Pre-determine lighting scenes for anytime of the day, and turn off all the lights in your house from your device

Installation Included

Have all of your products installed into your home by one of our friendly installers, ready for you to use

Smart home automation. It’s more than just a mere buzzword. It can be a significant positive lifestyle change that offers unparalleled convenience and control over your living space.

The various forms of smart home technology on the market offer many benefits to Australian homeowners. For many of us, those benefits can be anything from simple convenience to enhanced security. For elderly people or those with a disability who may have movement and accessibility restrictions, smart home automation can be a game-changer. One that enhances their ability to live as independently as possible. From automating blinds to control sunlight to implementing intelligent home security systems, the options are endless and can make your day-to-day life easier, safer and more energy efficient.

At YourSmartLife, we understand the value of integrating smart technology into your daily routine. Find out how today.

Automated Blinds

Automated blinds are changing both the way we bring natural light into our homes and the way we maintain privacy. Instead of needing to manually open or close them, motorised smart blinds give you the ability to control them with the simple touch of a button or even a voice command.

By adding automated blinds into a new or existing smart home system, you can program a schedule that makes sure they adjust to pre-determined settings throughout the day. This schedule can optimise energy consumption and help to maximise overall comfort inside the home. Features like voice control, scheduling, and integration with other smart devices through Bluetooth connectivity make their overall operation incredibly user-friendly.

At YourSmartLife, we can install numerous automated blind solutions, including roller, Venetian, and Roman blinds. Whether you're looking for energy savings, increased privacy, or simply more convenience, we can help!

Automated Lights

With more homeowners making the switch to LED light bulbs, we’re changing the way in which we illuminate the many living spaces in our homes. So why not take the next step and make the switch (no pun intended) to automated lights?

Both energy-efficient and customisable, automated lighting allows you to control everything from the brightness and colour of the light, to programming when they turn on or off through voice commands, mobile apps, or special wall switches. You can easily set the ambience of any room to suit the mood or activity, whether it’s date night with your partner or a late-night study session.

YourSmartLife offers a wide range of automated lighting solutions that offer accessibility and user-friendly operation. Discover what we can do for you.

Automated Garage Doors

Automated garage doors have become vital to most modern smart home automation setups. Not only do they provide greater convenience, allowing you to open from the comfort of your car, but they also come with enhanced security features.

Gone are the days of wondering from the office whether you've left the garage door open at home. Smart garage doors give you the ability to monitor and control the door remotely via your smartphone. Additional safety features such as automatic closing and obstacle detection make them incredibly secure.

At YourSmartLife, we can assist with a selection of automated garage door options that are designed to accommodate the vast range of Australian homeowner needs. From tough security protocols to user-friendly control methods, our automated garage door solutions instil peace of mind and deliver convenience directly to your driveway.

Camera Doorbells


If you’re looking for exceptional security and convenience at your doorstep, then a camera doorbell just might be the solution you need. Fast becoming an essential fixture in Australian homes, camera or video doorbells allow you to see who is at your door from the comfort of your couch, from any room in the house or even from the café down the street.

How? They boast a wealth of features, such as video recording capabilities, facial recognition, and real-time notifications sent directly to your smartphone. This means you can always discover who is knocking on your front door, even when you're not home.

YourSmartLife can install your smart camera doorbell and program it to seamlessly integrate with other smart home systems in and around your house.

Take the First Step to a Smarter, Safer Home

More and more Victorian homeowners are discovering the fundamental values that come with installing smart home automation technology. Whether you want to test the waters with just a doorbell camera or want to go all the way with a complete smart home conversion, YourSmartLife is here to assist. Our comprehensive range of smart devices and systems offers something for every homeowner, from convenience to security, greater accessibility, or improved energy efficiency.

Discover for yourself just how smart home automation can enhance your day-to-day life in a variety of ways both small and large. Book an appointment with a YourSmartLife consultant today, and take the first steps towards a smarter and safer home. 


We would love to help you create your own personalised package by calling (03) 9381 2104. 

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Keep Your Independence

A Smart Home will enhance all aspects of your life, and allow you more independence than ever before. 

- Control all parts of your home from your smartphone

- Create pre-set 'scenes' which you can summon with your voice, such as a 'nighttime' scene:

Simply say: "hey siri, nighttime" and

- all lights turn off

- TV turns off

- Doors lock

and whatever else you pre-set.


Security Cameras

Keep Your Family & Property Safe

Smart Security is one of the best investments anyone can make for their home.

The ability to

- Monitor your home from anywhere, at anytime with your smartphone

- Be notified when anyone steps onto your property

- Lower insurance premiums




We will guide you every step of the way. From understanding how your life can benefit from home automation to the final installed product ready to use



All of our installers are licensed by Victoria Police, ensuring you and your family are kept safe.

 (Reg 982-439-80S)  

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Every YourSmartLife review is 5 stars! We are sure to leave you satisfied. Find out why today. 

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