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Our Process

1. Chat with our Smart Home Experts

Confused about home automation?

Let our Smart Home Experts show you what's possible at any budget! 

3. Optional Visit to Our Show Room

It can be hard to envision every  benefit of home automation, so come experience it for yourself. Trial leading brands and experience how home automation can make your life easier. 

5. Expertly Installed By Our Technicians

Closely working with your tradespeople, we will ensure your vision comes to life.We will expertly optimise the technology to suite your home.

2. We Give an Initial Price Guide

Once we understand what technology will be most relevant to you and your budget , an investment estimate is easy. 

4. Design Your Dream Smart Home

Educating our clients so they can make informed decisions is our priority. Then we can collaborate together to create outstanding design solutions 

6. Post Installation Review

After living with the automation it's common to adjust it to suit your lifestyle. Our technicians will conduct any of these improvements as part of our service.




We will guide you every step of the way. From understanding how your life can benefit from home automation to the final installed product ready to use


All of our installers are licensed by Victoria Police, ensuring you and your family are kept safe.

 (Reg 982-439-80S)  


Every YourSmartLife review is 5 stars! We are sure to leave you satisfied. Find out why today. 

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