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Developer? Partner With Us

Differentiate your offering and add value through smart home automation that your target markets values.


Differentiate Your Offering

Want to easily differentiate your apartment or townhouse development from others? Smart Home Technology instantly adds value to a home, at multiples of its cost, especially at scale  Chat to us today about smart automation options for your project that your target market will value.


Provide Upgrade Packages

Give your buyers the option of adding a home automation upgrade package to their home. We have wireless solutions that can be added to a apartment or townhouse any time before handover.


We make it easy

We can work alongside your builder and their electricians, we will also assist with selling and marketing the smart home offering to your buyers to ensure they see the value. And post settlement we are there to handover the technology and offer ongoing support.

Smart Home for Developments

Home buyers are increasingly looking to add home automation to their new homes to realise the benefits of security & peace of mind, convenience, energy saving and entertainment, as well as future proofing. This provides an opportunity to provide a point differentiation to your offering, providing a more luxurious and modern feel, this could easily be what makes the difference when buyers are looking at similar offerings in the area.

We can work with you to apply a research based view of what smart home solutions would be of most value to your target market, these can then be included as a standard offering to differentiate, or offered as upgrade options which could be added to the home or apartment right up to handover date utilising retrofittable wireless technology.

YourSmartLife has capability and experience in selling and marketing the benefits of automation and can assist your team in adding this to your marketing collateral, and sales pitch. We are also here to handover to your buyers when they get the keys to ensure a seamless experience, and provide ongoing support so that you don't need to 

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