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Brunswick House
Completed June 2021

Full home automation as part of extension and restoration of a heritage home in Brunswick, Melbourne for a young family of four utilising Apple Homekit. 

Brunswick - Project Overview

Type of House: Heritage cottage restored and complimented with a modern architectural designed extension to create a 3 bedroom, two living room family home.

Smart Home Budget : Full automation including all light switches, multi-room audio, irrigation control, selected automated blinds, garage door, gate, door locks, sensors, alarm system, CCTV, ceiling fans, heated towel rails - $20-$30k

Who Lives Here: Professional couple in their 40's and their two young boys Henry who's eight years old and James who's six

Architect / Designer: McMahon & Nelrich

What was important to the home owners: 

  • Security and Safety of the family and home eg: monitoring while away

  • Time saving and convenience eg: being able to switch off all lights, TV's, sound systems, climate control and arm the alarm at the touch of a button on the way our the door

  • Keeping the garden low maintenance eg: watering system that knows when to water by knowing the local climate and weather conditions.

  • Saving on energy bills eg: automated blinds that block the western sun, climate control and lighting

  • Entertaining eg: multi-room including outdoor audio, automated lighting scenes 

Customer quote: "Love the convenience of just hitting one button on the way out the door with the morning rush to get kids to school on the way to work, no more running around the house turning things off"

 Brunswick Smart Home Features

Tailored to the automation solutions , these are 

Garage Door & Gate

Ability to control garage door and vehicle gate via voice, from phone or via automation


Full multi-room audio, music when and when you want it, ability to control TV's


Multiroom sensors keeping track of occupancy, temperature, lighting levels, air quality, humidity and automatically adjusting lighting, a/c etc.


Full control of lighting including dimming, scene control eg: leave home, dinner time, chill time

Climate Control

Full control of ducted air-conditioning, in-floor hydronic heating, ceiling fans and blinds to keep house comfortable & reduce bils

Smart Locks

Front door automatically unlocks on approaching house, keypad for guest entry, ability to lock/unlock via automation eg: auto lock at 7pm


CCTV and Video Doorbell with facial recognition, smart alarm system that arms of leaving home


Zoned watering system that knows the local climate, has access to weather forecasts and waters for you

Scene Automation

Scenes such a leaving home help reduce energy usage, save time and secure the house, automatically arming alarm, turning off lights and appliances.

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