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Excited Over Modern Technology

Assistive Technology Consulting and Support
We are here to help you utilise technology to improve your independence

Smart Doorbell

Answer and See anyone at your front door, without moving.

Automatic Blinds & Curtains

Control your curtains and/or blinds from your devices, or set up a daily function to have them open/close at your desired time

Smart Lock

Unlock & Lock your door, remotely from your devices

Smart Safety

Be notified on your device when someone has entered your property

Voice Activated Functions

Pre-determine lighting scenes for anytime of the day, and turn off all the lights in your house from your device

Installation Included

Have all of your products installed into your home by one of our friendly installers, ready for you to use

Navigating the landscape of NDIS assistive technology can be daunting, especially when you're looking for effective solutions to enhance independence and self-reliance. Thankfully, YourSmartLife offers valuable expertise in helping you, your loved one or your client to get the most out of assistive technology for disabled persons to help with becoming more independent. As NDIS-registered providers, assistive technology is our specialty. We can advise on hardware choices, help with setting up technology, provide remote or on-site support, supply technology and assist with installation. Speak to one of our experienced consultants to see what we can do for you.

Why Choose YourSmartLife?

In the vastly evolving space of assistive technology for people with disabilities, YourSmartLife stands highly regarded for its expertise and reliability in the field. Several distinctive qualities make us the preferred choice for many families and clients. They include:

  • Extensive partnerships with leading brands: Not only is YourSmartLife an Apple-authorised dealer and partner, but we also work extensively with Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and Samsung SmartThings platforms. Working with these leading brands enables us to remain at the cutting edge of home automation technology trends.

  • Personalised consultation: Unlike many NDIS assistive technology providers, we emphasise a tailored approach to our home automation solutions. Our consultants and technicians invest the time to gain a detailed insight into your unique circumstances. This enables us to offer customised advice and solutions to accommodate your specific needs, ultimately delivering more effective and user-friendly assistive technology outcomes.

Above and beyond our technical expertise, it's our steadfast commitment to improving the well-being and independence of each and every client that truly defines the YourSmartLife difference. With us, you can count on service and advice that elevates your needs and ultimate satisfaction.

NDIS Assistive Technology Areas We Specialise In

When it comes to NDIS-approved assistive technology services and systems, YourSmartLife has you covered. Our services encompass a broad range of areas, allowing us to assist you with:

  • Documenting requirements and needs: To determine the most appropriate NDIS assistive technology examples to implement in your home, we conduct a thorough assistive technology assessment and record your particular needs.

  • Developing assistive technology solutions: Our experienced consultants are highly proficient in NDIS assistive technology strategy, which enables them to recommend and install the most suitable solutions that best meet your requirements.

  • Coaching and support: For some, assistive technology for disabled persons can be quite an adjustment. Beyond just the installation of technology, we offer approved NDIS assistive technology guide services to help you, or your clients, become self-reliant and empowered.

  • Simplifying control of existing technology: We can integrate assistive technology into your current home automation setups to add further ease and convenience to your life.

  • Supply and installation of assistive technology: As NDIS-registered providers of assistive technology, we can supply the hardware and software you need. We can also provide both assistive technology installation and ongoing technology support, either remotely or on-site.

No matter what you need when it comes to assistive technology, NDIS-registered consultants YourSmartLife are here to help. Call us today.

Charter Your Course to Independent Living

Moving forward on a journey toward greater independent living can be both exciting and challenging. Thankfully, the consultants at YourSmartLife are here to help you navigate your way through the field of NDIS assistive technology.

We appreciate that integrating new technology into your life can require a significant change in daily routines and behaviours. This is where our role extends to include not just supply of assistive technology for physical disabilities, but also change management by way of a detailed NDIS assistive technology strategy.

This comprehensive approach helps to transition into your newly enhanced life as seamlessly as possible, complete with tailored assistive technology solutions. An experienced NDIS assistive technology guide can assist with the complete implementation process. When necessary, they can offer practical strategies to overcome any obstacles that might arise, while strictly complying with NDIS regulations and best practices.

Speak To Trusted NDIS Assistive Technology Consultants Today

At YourSmartLife, we're not just a registered NDIS provider of assistive technology; we're here to help you enjoy greater independence and a higher quality of life. Contact us today to learn more about our NDIS assistive technology examples and how we can help you or your client become more self-reliant through their strategic use.

Contact us for a comprehensive assistive technology assessment.


We would love to help you create your own personalised package by calling (03) 9381 2104. 

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Keep Your Independence

A Smart Home will enhance all aspects of your life, and allow you more independence than ever before. 

- Control all parts of your home from your smartphone

- Create pre-set 'scenes' which you can summon with your voice, such as a 'nighttime' scene:

Simply say: "hey siri, nighttime" and

- all lights turn off

- TV turns off

- Doors lock

and whatever else you pre-set.


Security Cameras

Keep Your Family & Property Safe

Smart Security is one of the best investments anyone can make for their home.

The ability to

- Monitor your home from anywhere, at anytime with your smartphone

- Be notified when anyone steps onto your property

- Lower insurance premiums




We will guide you every step of the way. From understanding how your life can benefit from home automation to the final installed product ready to use



All of our installers are licensed by Victoria Police, ensuring you and your family are kept safe.

 (Reg 982-439-80S)  

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Every YourSmartLife review is 5 stars! We are sure to leave you satisfied. Find out why today. 

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