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5 Ways your Automated Home Will Benefit You This Summer


Unsurprisingly, the top reason your smart home will protect you this summer is because of the security and peace of mind it brings.

1. Cameras

Your smart home, equipped with cameras, is able to notify you directly to your smartphone as soon as anyone steps onto your property. This gives you access to view your cameras live from your smartphone, from anywhere in the world. A study has found that cameras with security cameras are also 300% safer from a break-in than those without any, displaying how effective cameras work as a deterrent against intruders. While you are away this summer, proactively installing cameras is your best way to come home without any surprises.

2. Automated Lighting/Blinds

Another way to deter intruders and to keep your property safe is to use automated lighting.

Something simple such as switching on your garden lights and closing your blinds at sunset everyday can make your home feel alive, even with no one inside. While the security benefit is key, this feature also allows you to have peace of mind that you didn't leave any unwanted lights on, and allows you to switch them off, if you have left them on.


Want to return to a glowing green garden? Smart Irrigation is the answer!

3. Smart Irrigation

Smart irrigation allows you to set automatic procedures to preserve your garden, even while you are not home. The system is able to connect and adapt to local conditions, ensuring your garden gets that extra bit of water while there has been a dry spell, and less on rainy days. This takes all hassle out of asking your friend or family to come around to water your garden, as it is all automated.

Front Door

The front door is the entrance to your world, this is how we can keep it protected over the festive season.

4. Doorbell

With connectivity to your smartphone, your doorbell is another way to make your home feel alive while you are not there. When anyone rings your doorbell, you will receive a notification instantly, where you can then look and talk with anyone at the door. This is particularly useful to speak to neighbours, postman and anyone else who may be wondering where you are. \

5. Door Lock

If you need to let anyone in over your stint away, look no further. Rather than leaving a key under the mat, a prime target for intruders, you can give your friends/family codes to use to enter your home. The best part? They can all be different, allowing you to know who entered your home and when. This is especially helpful as you can set times that the code will work, such as between 11am and 2pm, for the cleaners. This allows you to keep your home protected, only allowing access during times when they are allowed to enter.

If you want to get your smart home automation journey started, call our team on

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