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Leading brands in Home Automation in Australia

With the boom in wireless home automation underway, the process of mixing and matching different brands can make everything very complex. This piece will aim to break down some of the most common brands that you hear daily when researching for your new smart home.

Apple HomeKit

While ‘Apple HomeKit’ isn’t a traditional manufacturer of smart home products, it does have its own importance. HomeKit is an ecosystem, by Apple, which enables you to connect various different devices into one platform. This allows you to control your entire home from a sleek, beautiful app on your Apple iPhone. At the moment, it may be slightly confusing working out which brands work with homekit and which don’t, however, with the launch of Matter just months away, this process will be fully simplified. Matter is a ‘language’ in which the devices talk to each other, despite different manufacturers. Apple HomeKit has announced that it will work with every Matter compatible device, thus simplifying the process of mixing and matching brands. If you want to learn more about Apple HomeKit, view our article about it here: 5 Reasons you should choose Apple HomeKit


Since 2009, Reolink has provided security solutions for both home’s and business’ world wide. Being one of the most popular brands in the smart home space, Reolink focuses solely on quality and service. They now have both wired and wireless camera options, solar panels for their outdoor cameras and both Wi-Fi and 4/5G connectivity. Reolink can be a very good option for those looking to DIY 1 or 2 cameras, however for those looking for a full home security solution, we recommend calling YourSmartLife to learn how we can install them for you.


A recognisable brand, for their TV & Audio solutions, also plays a large role in the smart home space. Sonos’ connectivity with Apple HomeKit allows for voice activation, such as asking siri to play music, as well as being able to control it from the Apple HomeKit app. Sonos provides sleek and aesthetically pleasing hardware, such as their soundbar, which sits below your TV. Sonos is one of the most luxurious home automation brands, and is a part of most solutions that we offer.


Legrand is a French global specialist in home automation products and one of the largest electrical component manufacturers in the world. They aim to set the benchmark for both technological innovation and inspiration design of everyday items. They have major precedence in the smart switch category, owning Netatmo which offer aesthetic and modern designs that work seamlessly with Apple HomeKit. Netatmo specialises in all smart homes, such as switches, cameras, alarm systems, smoke detectors and more. As a long standing partner with Legrand, we offer unparalleled options when it comes to solutions using their products.


Out of the US, Yale is a leader in Smart Doorlocks used all around the world. They pride themselves on trust, knowledge and heritage; making durable, quality products. Their locks include features such as keyless entry, where you can use a code to enter. This can be changed wirelessly from your smartphone to give entry codes to anyone who requires one, and set it at certain times of the day. Yale is one of our most popular smart locks, and we would recommend it without any hesitation.

As always, we would love to hear from you, whatever part of the journey you are up to. Give us a call on (03) 9381 2104 or email us at to begin your smart home or business journey.

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